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NicNews Podcast – Food Sanitation with Tom Parris, Spartan Chemical Company

Learn more about Food Sanitation options from Renae and Tom by listening to our latest NicNews Podcast. Host: Renae Hesselink, Nichols Vice President of Sustainability Guest: Tom Parris, Spartan Chemical Learn how Spartan Chemical can help you improve your Food Sanitation Programs through plant tours, plant surveys, chemical inventories and standard operating procedures (SOPs). More [Read More…]

NicNews Podcast – FOAM iT’s F100

Learn more about FOAM iT’s F100 from Renae and Dan by listening to our latest NicNews Podcast. Host: Renae Hesselink, Nichols Vice President of Sustainability Guest: Dan Jacques, FOAM iT Learn from Renae and Dan how many different industries including food processing, health care, industrial, and schools can benefit from FOAM iT’s latest innovation: F100. [Read More…]

Learn From a Leader

Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) Custodial Team was recently recognized with the 2018 Green Cleaning Award presented by Healthy Schools Campaign and American School & University Magazine. They took the grand award in the higher education category. GVSU is based in Allendale, Michigan and serves approximately 25,000 students.  The custodial team is responsible for cleaning [Read More…]

The Value of Clean

Too often the value of clean is overlooked. When budgets are tight, it is common that the custodial department is the first to be considered for cuts. You face reductions in overhead in the form of people, right down to the budget for tools and products you need to do the job efficiently.  Nichols is here [Read More…]

Celebrate #AmericaRecyclesDay with Sustainable Liners

What better day than #AmericaRecyclesDay to recommit to sustainability? Yet even those with the best intentions to recycle and create an environmentally friendly workplace can get confused with the options on choosing sustainable products.  Is it recyclable, biodegradable, compostable? We actually get asked this question often about trash can liners. These options can be very confusing [Read More…]

Industry Leadership, It’s Sort of a Big DEAL!

ISSA Recap Nichols has been an ISSA member for many years, and each year our team members participate in the convention. There we learn about the upcoming programs and innovative products by our strategic suppliers. Nichols also enjoys the opportunity to stay involved with the ISSA team.  The programs that this organization creates are completely [Read More…]

Oh So Confusing…….

Is it recyclable, biodegradable, compostable? Nichols hosted the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging in our Rochester Hills branch recently, a program of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a project of GreenBlue. The answers to the whether something is recyclable, biodegradable or compostable can be very confusing and then add to that bio-based versus non-bio-based options, 3rd party certifications [Read More…]

Effective Vacuuming

We have had our friend, Richard Bodo, to Michigan a few times over the years so we wanted to provide a link to his recent ISSA video clip on Vacuuming 101. His message is spot on, and our Equipment Sales and Service department preach this everyday: A simple inspection and minor maintenance can and should [Read More…]

Time to Evaluate Your Entryways

For years the commercial cleaning industry has studied floor and carpet maintenance issues. So it is well known that if we place the correct system, right length, high quality matting systems at our entryways we can keep 70-80% of the dirt out of our buildings in the first place. What can we expect if we [Read More…]

Closing The Loop

What does that mean for recycling? Closed loop recycling is basically a production process in which post-consumer waste is collected, recycled and used to make new products. This process can be as simple as using recycled aluminum to make new cans, or as complicated as weaving reclaimed plastic bottles into polyester for clothing and other products which may be referred to [Read More…]