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Carpet Cleaning in the Summer

We love summer. The energy and warmth of sunshine, the pleasure of a gentle breeze, the lake or pool, BBQ with friends and family… We love summer! We love summer… except when having to clean carpet. Frugal school districts attempting to conserve energy costs by turning off HVAC systems, which robs us of air movement [Read More…]

Make the Choice to Self-Promote Your Custodial Department

Making the Choice to Self-Promote Your Custodial Department By Glen Huizenga Many departments in organizations go out of their way to fly under the proverbial radar screen, to be “invisible”. Unfortunately, many Custodial Departments choose to function like this. In today’s competitive work place, custodial teams must choose to promote the value of their department. [Read More…]

Hard Floor Care: Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Observations

You rest your weary arms after applying your final coat of floor finish and can’t help but look back at your work of art. You take a few minutes to reflect on the amount of work that went into your floor care project and then smile in satisfaction knowing that you just accomplished something – a [Read More…]

Purchasing Habits Cost Big Dollars

  Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development®, professional speaker, TV personality, and well-known author, makes this very important observation: No one likes to hear these words, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it!” He then continues to say, “Well then, I have good news for you… today you have a chance to do [Read More…]