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Old Man Winter: He’s A-Comin’. Are You Ready?

Yeah. I know. It’s only September. However, like mama bear grizzly, preparation for the long winter is key to winter survival. Ice Melter: Take advantage of pre-season ice melter sales. Secure your product before the snow flies or ice storms hit. There’s always talk about shortages. Sometimes they’re real. Other times, they’re all marketing or [Read More…]

Xpress Yourself and Boost Your Business with Tork Xpressnap

Getting creative with personalized marketing messages and professional designs supports your business objectives to increase traffic, check size and repeat business. Restaurant owner Ken shares his story on how he uses Tork Xpressnap®, the only napkin dispenser system that reduces napkin consumption and offers you a digital DIY marketing tool that lets him post on [Read More…]

Nichols Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center earns ENERGY STAR certification 2018

We’re excited to announce that we have achieved EPA Energy Star Certification again for 2018!  This means that our Norton Shores headquarters and warehouse use on average 35% less energy and generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings across the nation.  When we applied a month or so ago our Energy Star Score [Read More…]

Are Autonomous Robots A Good Decision?

If the warnings are to be believed, robots are a threat. Many observers predict the use of robots will impact employment, with effects felt in every commercial sector. The cleaning industry is no exception, as many cleaning and maintenance tasks are perceived as low-skill and therefore at risk. Potential disruption from advances in robotics is [Read More…]

Nichols Receives United Way Community Builder Award

United Way of the Lakeshore is honored to present Nichols with the 2017 Community Builder Award! This award is significant because we know that to build a community it takes a solid foundation, good people, and strong investment all of which embodies Nichols and its employees. Nichols enhances its employee’s community spirit by encouraging participation [Read More…]

Do Clean Restrooms Signify Better Management?

Capitalize on the Nichols Advantage with our Restroom Solutions program. Do you need new tools to consistently maintain restrooms that leave a positive impression? Clean and healthy buildings create more productive employees, students more open to learning, guests more satisfied with overall products and services, and a company or organization image that exudes success. Statistics [Read More…]

Bring On The Crowds

Managing the high-traffic flow through a restroom can be a major challenge. With so many guests visiting the restroom, difficulties can arise with cleaning staff’s ability to keep the restroom clean and maintain adequate supplies to service users. On top of that, maintenance staff still has to find enough time to focus on their other [Read More…]

Learn From a Leader

Grand Valley State University’s (GVSU) Custodial Team was recently recognized with the 2018 Green Cleaning Award presented by Healthy Schools Campaign and American School & University Magazine. They took the grand award in the higher education category. GVSU is based in Allendale, Michigan and serves approximately 25,000 students.  The custodial team is responsible for cleaning [Read More…]

CompuClean – Are you using it?

Are you still using paper and pencil to manage inventory and reporting? It’s time to join the 21st century with CompuClean. Spartan Chemical’s CompuClean will simplify your custodial management team’s tracking and reporting. CompuClean is a cloud-based software with easy accessibility through your computer, tablet or phone. CompuClean will help you manage all aspects of [Read More…]

Norton Shores Open House

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The decision to host an open house can be a difficult one to make. Who will attend? Why would they want to come? Do we offer more than just tours? Will the planning and time spent planning be worth it? Just like other businesses and organizations, the Nichols team [Read More…]