Color-Coding Your Waste Containers

Everyday it seems that businesses, institutions and organizations are setting zero waste or zero waste to landfill goals. If that is the case with your organization, you may be adding composting (or organics) to your breadth of waste that you are collecting.  Labeling and color coding containers is an easy way to help direct people [Read More…]

Clean Hands, Reduce HAIs

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that the number one way to prevent the spread of infection is by practicing good hand hygiene, but what does that mean to you and me?  Good hand hygiene, in a sense, has been a topic of discussion since we were all children.  Remember your mom or dad [Read More…]

We Celebrate Safety

Nichols drivers traveled more than 1,000,000 miles in 2016 to deliver orders to our customers.  Maneuvering roads, both expressway and through the urban core of all of the cities we serve across Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, is no easy task, and then top that with weather conditions in the Midwest, especially in the winter time.  [Read More…]

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges, Part 2 of 2

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges  Segment 2 of 2 As a continuation from the blog from last week, the Nichols team wants to help you conquer your warewash challenges, starting with the four most prevalent. Dishes not coming clean Spotting on silverware Lime scale build-up Increasing chemical costs Lime scale build-up inside dish machine: Work [Read More…]

Nichols Promotes CPR in Schools

In support of the work of the American Heart Association, Nichols is the proud sponsor of a CPR in Schools Training Kit. This was recently gifted to the Oakridge School District in Muskegon, to assist in teaching our students the lifesaving skill of Hands Only CPR. In December, 2016 Michigan passed legislation requiring all students [Read More…]

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges, Part 1 of 2

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges If your organization or facility has a warewash process, you know you have experienced some frustrations with it!  The top four that we’ve seen are: Dishes not coming clean Spotting on silverware Lime scale build-up Increasing chemical costs Today’s blog will give you some solutions to counter the first [Read More…]

Trash Liner War: Has it Really Come to This?

It feels like a constant battle with trash can liners and meeting specifications.  We respond to a fair number of bids with specifications which are all over the board for can liners.  Some indicate Heavy Duty, Extra Heavy-Duty, Tough, with no real minimum standards.  We recently received a bid that not only contained very specific [Read More…]

Do Clean Restrooms Signify Better Management? Capitalize on the Nichols Advantage with our Restroom Solutions program.

Do you need new tools to consistently maintain restrooms that leave a positive impression? Clean and healthy buildings create more productive employees, students more open to learning, guests more satisfied with overall products and services, and a company or organization image that exudes success. Statistics consistently prove out that a building’s cleanliness is judged by [Read More…]

Purchasing Habits Cost Big Dollars

  Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development®, professional speaker, TV personality, and well-known author, makes this very important observation: No one likes to hear these words, “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it!” He then continues to say, “Well then, I have good news for you… today you have a chance to do [Read More…]

How Do You Hold Your Organization Accountable?

We just received notice of our 2016 Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) renewal, this completes our second year in this program.  What does this mean?  The Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership (MBP3) is a voluntary program open to all Michigan businesses, regardless of size, who are interested in initiating or expanding pollution prevention (P2) [Read More…]