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CompuClean – Are you using it?

Are you still using paper and pencil to manage inventory and reporting? It’s time to join the 21st century with CompuClean. Spartan Chemical’s CompuClean will simplify your custodial management team’s tracking and reporting. CompuClean is a cloud-based software with easy accessibility through your computer, tablet or phone. CompuClean will help you manage all aspects of [Read More…]

Norton Shores Open House

Thank you, thank you, thank you! The decision to host an open house can be a difficult one to make. Who will attend? Why would they want to come? Do we offer more than just tours? Will the planning and time spent planning be worth it? Just like other businesses and organizations, the Nichols team [Read More…]

Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of an Equipment Show

It’s About Efficiency Did you know that labor often accounts for 60–65 percent of an organization’s cleaning costs? Investing in efficient, high quality cleaning equipment can be a substantial cost saver in the long run. As many of you already know, Nichols is hosting a number of equipment shows for our customers during 2018. We [Read More…]

Sustainable Packaging… what is it really?

Sustainable Packaging… seems like a pretty generic topic, right? If you are me, and you think sustainability, there are a few things that come to mind.  Flashes of a childhood saying, and mini sing along songs, like… Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle…Yeah! (come ‘on sing it with me now! ).. play over and over in my head.  [Read More…]

The Value of Clean

Too often the value of clean is overlooked. When budgets are tight, it is common that the custodial department is the first to be considered for cuts. You face reductions in overhead in the form of people, right down to the budget for tools and products you need to do the job efficiently.  Nichols is here [Read More…]

Data Driven Cleaning with Tork EasyCube™

Improve Restroom Efficiency with Tork EasyCube™   It’s not a secret people dislike public restrooms and will do anything to avoid germs while using one. For many businesses, customers overall opinion can change if the restroom is lacking organization or unsanitary. Thankfully, our friends at Tork have created a solution to help businesses stay one [Read More…]

Don’t Let the Flu Slow Down Your Office

The severity of this year’s flu season has been making headlines. One recent headline focused on the impact the flu could have on workplace productivity. According to a recent news report, this year’s flu season will cost employers nearly $10 billion based on lost productivity alone1. The impact the flu has on both employee and [Read More…]

Avoiding & Fighting the FLU…

As we close up January and kick start February… we hope your original resolutions made it past a few weeks, probably unlikely if you or a loved one had to deal with fighting the flu right? Given the very alarming spikes in the flu this year and the escalation in NoroVirus outbreaks, we loved the [Read More…]

It’s Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Here at Nichols, we know a thing or two about this pop-able packaging! No matter how old you are, no one can resist popping Bubble Wrap! The last Monday of January is always dedicated to celebrating bubble wrap with Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. The first “Bubble Wrap” was formed by sealing two shower curtains together [Read More…]

#TBT – – – Cold and Flu and Back to School, Germs Happen

It’s the first week of January, and our lovable little ones are heading back to school. Given the typical corresponding uptick in Cold and Flu that accompanies back to school (and work too!), we thought we’d #TBT this blog from last January. No passing the holiday treats this week. Instead they will share with their [Read More…]