Make the Choice to Self-Promote Your Custodial Department

Making the Choice to Self-Promote Your Custodial Department By Glen Huizenga Many departments in organizations go out of their way to fly under the proverbial radar screen, to be “invisible”. Unfortunately, many Custodial Departments choose to function like this. In today’s competitive work place, custodial teams must choose to promote the value of their department. [Read More…]

Exploring Package Purpose: What Three Things Count?

Exploring Packaging’s Purpose. It can SELL your product …or NOT! If you are a packaging or operations professional, you are likely aware of the basic packaging purpose. But sometimes You are just too close to a situation or too busy to have an objective view of the possibilities. That is why you need to be [Read More…]

Measuring Clean with Spartan’s CompuClean Cloud Based Software

Here at Nichols we are strong supporters of “Measuring Clean”. CompuClean is one of the most comprehensive tools in the industry to help you do this. We found the content in Mike’s recent CompuClean blog offers valuable insight on how and why to bring your custodial departments into the information age. By: Mike Fabian, Manager [Read More…]

Industry Leadership, It’s Sort of a Big DEAL!

ISSA Recap Nichols has been an ISSA member for many years, and each year our team members participate in the convention. There we learn about the upcoming programs and innovative products by our strategic suppliers. Nichols also enjoys the opportunity to stay involved with the ISSA team.  The programs that this organization creates are completely [Read More…]

HACCP vs. HARPC: A Comparison White Paper from Remco

Food Safety Ensuring that our customers have the latest information is another way that Nichols delivers on the promise of I.K.E. Considering the importance of Food Safety and the current FightBAC Food Safety Month campaign, we thought our Food Processing customers would enjoy learning more about HARPC (Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls) and how [Read More…]

Implementing A Thorough Food Safety Program

In light of it being National Food Safety Month, we wanted to share this awesome insight from P&G Professional! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 48 million Americans (or roughly 1 in 6 people) become sick from foodborne diseases every year. With this in mind, it’s important to recognize [Read More…]

Nichols Offers CITS to Increase YOUR Employee Retention

In the extremely competitive hiring market of 2017, offering comprehensive and diverse training options is just one way you can win over a potential candidate. And when it comes to clean and healthy facilities in which we work, learn, shop and play… it is important that our cleaning staff be as knowledgeable about their jobs [Read More…]

More Laundry Lingo: The Challenges of Alkalinity

The Challenges of Alkalinity Some folks think of alkalinity and great laundering as being two things that go hand in hand. And while high alkalinity has its place (for example) in laundering heavily soiled kitchen towels and cooks’ aprons that are often high in animal fats, it can be a destructive force – particularly to [Read More…]

Laundry Lingo… Humidity Tips from the Experts!

Humidity and hydroscopicity…. Two important H’s to consider in your Laundry Given how easily they wet out in the wash wheel, it’s certainly no secret that the textiles we help our laundry customers process are hydroscopic. But it also affects them in storage. Referring to them as being hydroscopic simply means they readily absorb or [Read More…]