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    Keep the floors bright & clean with P&G.

    Now that the kids are “FREE” for the summer, we are all looking forward to some time to kick back and relax, right? NOT EXACTLY! If you're in the Buildings & Grounds department of an educational facility, summer “vacation” is your time to KICK into hard floor care high gear…

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    Keeping product in place

    Nichols Stretch Film protects your products by giving them the stability they need to stay in place…

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    Proudly serving the Food Processing Industry. We have on-staff specialists, and a variety of programs and services to meet your needs. Contact us today!…

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    Nichols celebrates 80 years.

    Founded in 1936, Nichols is one of the largest independently owned paper, packaging and sanitary supply distributors in the Great Lakes region…

Nichols is the leading provider of solutions for clean and healthy facilities and the safe shipment of products in the Great Lakes region. We value our customer relationships above all else, and as our customer, we strive to always put You First by providing innovation, knowledge and service excellence.

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  • Effective Vacuuming

    We have had our friend, Richard Bodo, to Michigan a few times over the years so we wanted to provide a link to his recent ISSA video clip on Vacuuming 101. His message is spot on, and our Equipment Sales and Service department preach this everyday:

  • Time to Evaluate Your Entryways

    For years the commercial cleaning industry has studied floor and carpet maintenance issues. So it is well known that if we place the correct system, right length, high quality matting systems at our entryways we can keep 70-80% of the dirt out of our buildings in the first p...

  • Closing The Loop

    What does that mean for recycling? Closed loop recycling is basically a production process in which post-consumer waste is collected, recycled and used to make new products. This process can be as simple as using recycled aluminum to make new cans, or as complicated as...


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