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Back-to-School and Back with the Flu?

  Now that the Holiday Season is behind us, Back-to-School season is in full swing. With school doors opening and students flooding the halls, it’s time again to maintain a clean and safe school building. Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP) understands that the priorities of higher education include student expectations, retaining workers, and campus image. RCP [Read More…]

Nichols Honored with 2019 DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability

Nichols Honored with 2019 DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability for both Norton Shores, MI and Bowling Green, OH Facilities For the third year, Nichols has been honored with 2019 DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability.  The award was presented at the 2019 ISSA Tradeshow held in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 18–21, 2019. It recognizes [Read More…]

Waste Sorting: Compost, Recycle or Landfill

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) strives to be a sustainable college by utilizing waste sorting stations throughout their campuses. The average human being produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage per day – GVSU would like their students, facility and YOU to all work together to ensure that most of our waste doesn’t end up in [Read More…]

Nichols Earns DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability

Nichols, is a proud recipient of the 2018 DEAL Award for Leadership in Sustainability. Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC presented the DEAL Awards October 30, 2018, at the ISSA North America Show in Dallas, TX. The awards recognize the outstanding performance, contributions, and leadership of organizations that participate in the DEAL program. “We are honored and [Read More…]

Nichols Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center earns ENERGY STAR certification 2018

We’re excited to announce that we have achieved EPA Energy Star Certification again for 2018!  This means that our Norton Shores headquarters and warehouse use on average 35% less energy and generate 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings across the nation.  When we applied a month or so ago our Energy Star Score [Read More…]

Industry Leadership, It’s Sort of a Big DEAL!

ISSA Recap Nichols has been an ISSA member for many years, and each year our team members participate in the convention. There we learn about the upcoming programs and innovative products by our strategic suppliers. Nichols also enjoys the opportunity to stay involved with the ISSA team.  The programs that this organization creates are completely [Read More…]

Color-Coding Your Waste Containers

Everyday it seems that businesses, institutions and organizations are setting zero waste or zero waste to landfill goals. If that is the case with your organization, you may be adding composting (or organics) to your breadth of waste that you are collecting.  Labeling and color coding containers is an easy way to help direct people [Read More…]

Closing The Loop

What does that mean for recycling? Closed loop recycling is basically a production process in which post-consumer waste is collected, recycled and used to make new products. This process can be as simple as using recycled aluminum to make new cans, or as complicated as weaving reclaimed plastic bottles into polyester for clothing and other products which may be referred to [Read More…]

The Next Generation of Clean: Healthy Indoor Air Quality

So much about cleanliness is based on appearance and has been for generations. As Facility and Custodial Managers, we know that you spend a tremendous amount of time justifying FTE counts, trying to keep staff and battling the ever-increasing amount of square footage you are responsible for and not being able to add additional staff (do [Read More…]

Restroom Satisfaction, Another Key to Great Facilities

“Restrooms are a Reflection of Building Management” Are you doing everything you can to promote Cleanliness, Hygiene, Efficiency, Sustainability and Satisfaction in your restrooms? You can take the C.H.E.S.S. test to find out! Why take the test? Consider this: according to Kimberly-Clark studies, 71% of workers believe the restroom says a lot about the building [Read More…]