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CleanCheck Classroom in Indianapolis, IN

Learn about innovative solutions to create cleaner, safer and healthier environments for students, teachers, employees and visitors in schools. Cost for training is $25.

Teaching Proper Hand Hygiene to Kids in K-12 Classrooms

By Amanda Kaye, Purell Market Development Director Between all the math, science, social studies and language arts, it can be hard to find time to teach kids one of life’s most important lessons for staying healthy throughout the school year: hand hygiene. In a study that followed 120 middle and high school students, 58% of [Read More…]

The Next Generation of Clean: Healthy Indoor Air Quality

So much about cleanliness is based on appearance and has been for generations. As Facility and Custodial Managers, we know that you spend a tremendous amount of time justifying FTE counts, trying to keep staff and battling the ever-increasing amount of square footage you are responsible for and not being able to add additional staff (do [Read More…]