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Clean-in-Place vs. Clean-out-of-Place

It’s all about that perfect combination … keep expenses low, but don’t compromise on cleanliness. This is true for any industry, but especially in the food processing industry where contamination can cause recalls and compromise your reputation. Typically, equipment in a food processing facility is either cleaned-in-place or cleaned-out-of-place. Both methods enhance the ability of [Read More…]

Don’t get caught with a recall…

We’ve all seen it…the dreaded recall! No matter the industry, no one wants to hear those words, but especially not when it comes to our food. I’m sure you can think back to a time you just bought your groceries, only to find out something has been recalled. That is why food safety is important, [Read More…]

Best Practice Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures for Allergen Control in Food Processing

Food allergens are typically proteins and proteins have a high affinity for stainless steel. As this material is widely used in equipment and process areas in food plants, there is a high likelihood of residual product remaining on both exposed and enclosed surfaces after a production run. A typical food processing facility will operate multiple [Read More…]

NicNews Podcast – Color Coding and Cleaning Tools in Food Processing

Learn more about Color Coding and Cleaning Tools in Food Processing with and Doug David, Remco Products by listening to our latest NicNews Podcast. Host: Renae Hesselink, Nichols Vice President of Sustainability Guest: Doug David, Remco Products While tool management and cleaning tools aren’t always on the top of your list, they are one of [Read More…]

Download A Free Gojo Food Safety Hand Hygiene Poster

Our friends at Gojo are FAMOUS for Food Safety efforts when it comes to skin care. And there are few places that hygiene is more important than in our Food Processing facilities. Hand washing is truly so important that we wanted to share some of their tips with you not only through our blog, but also [Read More…]

#NFSM is a Prime Time to Learn More about Norovirus

September is National Food Safety Month, a time to focus on reducing the risk of Norovirus and Hepatitis A. NFSM is sponsored by our friends at TORK and ServSafe. NFSM is now in its 22nd year of promoting food safety with best practices and educational tools. Whether you are in the Food Service, Food Processing, Education [Read More…]