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Comprehensive Wood Floor Care Program

A gym floor is an expensive investment, but if you take care of it properly, it’s an investment that can bring your school many years of fun, and lifelong memories. You’ve kept up with your cleaning during the school year, but as summer approaches it’s time to think about a new floor finish to keep [Read More…]

Teaching Proper Hand Hygiene to Kids in K-12 Classrooms

By Amanda Kaye, Purell Market Development Director Between all the math, science, social studies and language arts, it can be hard to find time to teach kids one of life’s most important lessons for staying healthy throughout the school year: hand hygiene. In a study that followed 120 middle and high school students, 58% of [Read More…]

Are YOU Ensuring Employee Success with Training?

According to Best Selling Business Author Don Peppers, “…your employees aren’t really “resources” for your company. Your employees are your company”.  His recent LinkedIn article, “Harness the Power of Diverse Ideas by Relying on Engaged Employees” is a great reminder to keep hourly employees engaged in your mission and involved in problem solving. “So what have [Read More…]

Nichols Promotes CPR in Schools

In support of the work of the American Heart Association, Nichols is the proud sponsor of a CPR in Schools Training Kit. This was recently gifted to the Oakridge School District in Muskegon, to assist in teaching our students the lifesaving skill of Hands Only CPR. In December, 2016 Michigan passed legislation requiring all students [Read More…]

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges, Part 1 of 2

Overcome the Top Four Warewash Challenges If your organization or facility has a warewash process, you know you have experienced some frustrations with it!  The top four that we’ve seen are: Dishes not coming clean Spotting on silverware Lime scale build-up Increasing chemical costs Today’s blog will give you some solutions to counter the first [Read More…]

Back to School = Cold & Flu Fest ’17 ~ Wash Hands

It’s the first week of January, and our lovable little ones are heading back to school! Instead of passing the holiday treats around they will share with their schoolmates less than pleasant little critters… aka germs. We can never prevent all contagious disease spreading, but we can do our best to promote healthy schools! Did [Read More…]