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Best Practice Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures for Allergen Control in Food Processing

Food allergens are typically proteins and proteins have a high affinity for stainless steel. As this material is widely used in equipment and process areas in food plants, there is a high likelihood of residual product remaining on both exposed and enclosed surfaces after a production run. A typical food processing facility will operate multiple [Read More…]

Comprehensive Wood Floor Care Program

A gym floor is an expensive investment, but if you take care of it properly, it’s an investment that can bring your school many years of fun, and lifelong memories. You’ve kept up with your cleaning during the school year, but as summer approaches it’s time to think about a new floor finish to keep [Read More…]

Best Practices for Cold and Flu Season by Diversey

The holiday season may be over, but the cold and flu season is still in full swing. Read how you can keep yourself and those around you healthy the blog below by Deniz Alpaslan from Diversey. You’ll often find that coughing and sneezing are on the rise around this time of year. Each year, the [Read More…]

Are Autonomous Robots A Good Decision?

If the warnings are to be believed, robots are a threat. Many observers predict the use of robots will impact employment, with effects felt in every commercial sector. The cleaning industry is no exception, as many cleaning and maintenance tasks are perceived as low-skill and therefore at risk. Potential disruption from advances in robotics is [Read More…]