Nic News Podcast #33 – Food Processing Tool Maintenance with Doug David, Remco

Renae Hesselink sits down with Doug David, Remco Products to discuss Color Coding and Cleaning Tools in Food Processing.

Nic News Podcast #32 – CompuClean with Michael Fabian, Spartan Chemical Company

Renae Hesselink sits down with Michael Fabian, Spartan Chemical to discuss Spartan’s CompuClean Cloud-Based Software.

Nic News Podcast #31: Kody Taylor, Global Strategic Account Manager for Petoskey Plastics

Kody has been with Petoskey Plastics for about a year and a half now.  Until a recent promotion he only focused on the GreenCore product line but has now expanded his reach over more product lines for Petoskey and his geographical area.  He lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with his family but is originally from West Michigan and attended Hope College in Holland.

Nic News Podcast #30: Sustainability Issues in Global Packing Operations

Understanding the issues related to sustainable packaging is a prerequisite to achieving safe shipment of products while considering the environmental impacts of the packaging.

Nic News podcast #29: Lean 5s in Facilities Management

Lean 5s is a practical strategy that facilities managers can use to increase efficiencies and meet environmental objectives in the cleaning organization.

Nic News Podcast #28: Chemistry of Cleaning

Today we are talking with Todd Seabert, Account Manager and Sales representative for Spartan Chemical, a long-time leader in the manufacturing of commercial cleaning chemicals.

Nic News Podcast #27: The 3R’s

Reduce, Reuse, and if Those Are Not an Option…Recycle. Marcie Palmer interviews Renae Hesselink, V.P. of Sustainability for Nichols.

Nic News Podcast #26: Championing a Healthy Learning Environment

Hand Hygiene is essential to a Healthy Learning Environment. How can you make wellness a part of everyday lessons; fit this critical program into a busy school day and keep students ready and able to learn?

Nic News Podcast #25: Understanding Microfiber Technology

This episode of Nic News features an interview with John Schneider with Rubbermaid Commercial Care Products. Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that consists of a very fine blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon) threads. The threads are blended, woven and chemically split into microscopic fibers that when examined under a microscope appears in the shape of a star. These split fibers create a surface area 40 times greater than that of a regular fiber.

Nic News Podcast #24: How Green Do You Want to Be? Solving the Green Cleaning Dilemma

Frank Trevisani, Building Services Manager from Spartan Chemical, simplifies the growing green movement in the cleaning industry, talks about what it means to be Green and how to start a Green Cleaning program and other ways to take part in the changing industry.