2017-2018 Matting & Ice Melt Program

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Melt Step

Slip resistant, outdoor, snow and ice melt mat.

  • A convenient and reliable solution for melting snow and ice from walkways to prevent slip and fall accidents.
  • Water proof electrical connection system with GFCI switch prevents electrical shock hazard.
  • Durable molded nitrile rubber construction is water proof, UV resistant, and flexible in freezing temperatures.

Nichols High Performance Blue Ice Melter

Nichols High performance Blue Ice Melter is a sodium chloride product with a bio-based accelerating agent shown in Strategic Highway Research Program testing to exceed the melt value of a theoretical 30% calcium chloride blend. Nichols High Performance Ice Melter will not harm concrete and vegetation when used according to label instructions and contains no added magnesium chloride which has been shown in studies to chemically attack concrete. The product contains a blue coverage indicator. Nichols High Performance Blue Ice Melter will melt to -5 degrees F.

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