Last year’s flu spread incredibly fast. This year stop germs in their tracks!

In 2017, we had the worst flu season in a decade. The CDC received 224,111+ reported cases and schools in at least 15 states shut down due to the flu. Let’s stop the flu and other germs in their tracks this year.

You can kill cold and flu viruses and norovirus in places that might otherwise be missed with the Clorox Total 360® System. It’s a revolutionary way to reach and kill germs almost everywhere. It combines the superior surface coverage of a proven technology with the proven effectiveness of Clorox disinfectants and sanitizers.

Billions of pathogens cover thousands of surfaces in your facility. Sixty million student absences cost schools $4.2 billion in lost resources. Employees are working while sick, causing low productivity and losses of between $150 and $250 billion for employers.

Protect your facility with the Clorox® Total 360® System.