Inspect What You Expect with aPRO360

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The Nichols team is passionate about being creative problem solvers for our customers. We are here to help with solutions for Clean and Healthy Facilities and the Safe Shipment of Products. Our approach utilizes the promise of I.K.E. Innovation, Knowledge and Excellence. One of the unique ways we help our customers to identify and address opportunities for improvement is with our aPRO360 app.aPRO360 Inspection App on iPhone

This handy tool, now available via a simple iOS or Android app, can be deployed within hours and completely customized to how you want your facility (fleet, equipment, packaging line, adhesives system, warewash operation, etc.) graded. In short, Nichols can help you deploy a custom audit system within your facility or operation.

Wholly owned by Nichols, the app has been undergoing significant development in the last two years and is ready to help you define what quality means to you. It can help you measure the quality of service you provide and then document that you INSPECT what you EXPECT!

Use aPRO360 to ensure Clean and Healthy Facilities

Quality Assurance software has a long history of use in the cleaning industry…we’ve been using pad and paper forever and spreadsheets for over 20 years. Whether you are in manufacturing, education or healthcare, with today’s high rates of turnover, it is imperative that we follow up training with consistent check ins that proper cleaning is taking place.

aPRO enables scoring of the cleanliness of the facility, typically by area type such as patient rooms, restrooms, lobbies, classrooms, offices, etc. Any type of room you want to inspect. Or if you prefer you can take it higher level and just inspect a location or building as a whole. Check out the Restroom iPhone and PC graphics for a sample inspection form.

But wait there’s more…

When you are insuring Clean and Healthy, it can go beyond the building surfaces. aPRO can be used for equipment checks, employee knowledge checks, and more. Pretty much anything that you would want to process through a graded checklist on a consistent basis. A big perk is that it is then fed into a database from which you can generate reports.

Further the newest functionality allows you to take photos of any issues that you encounter when doing the audit. This gives more concrete and visual evidence of the variance from your acceptable standards (or better yet, that your team is made of Star Players with top scores!)

The latest upgrade is the option to have an employee, customer, or other stakeholder sign off on the inspection right on your smart phone. aPRO captures the signature and stores it with the inspection details in the database.

Use aPRO360 for Safe Shipment of Product

Your product packaging protects your brand, and ensures the product moves through the supply chain without damage. Proper packaging is paramount to delivering an enjoyable customer experience.  If your equipment isn’t working properly, your adhesive isn’t at the right temperature, or your Food Processing lines are not properly sanitized… it can certainly cause concerns, potential downtime and embarassing brand sensitive issues. Yet again, a simple, smart phone app enabled with an audit program is a great way to check, photograph, sign off on, and document your processes.

Interested in learning more? Contact your Nichols Account Manager or marketing@enichols.comaPRO360 inspection software pc view