eForce Scrubber Demo Request: See for Yourself How Easy It Is


eforce scrubber

NSS’s eForce Scrubber breaks with tradition and delivers an easy to use, easy to operate rider scrubber that’s unlike anything you have seen before. Climb on the seat and point
the joystick where you want to go. With no effort whatsoever, the eForce Scrubber takes you there. And, tight turns are no problem for the eForce Scrubber. It can turn on a dime thanks to its unique joystick control.

  • Excellent visibility of work areas.
  • Training is easy. A training manual is built into the touch screen control panel.
  • Dial in exactly what you need for your application. Three solution flow rates, three pad pressures, two pad speeds and two vacuum speeds give you the flexibility you need to maximize your productivity and run time.
  • Conservation Mode — Set the eForce Scrubber to the lowest water and power settings. At 62 decibels, it is perfect for cleaning areas where quiet operation and water conservation is needed.

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