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We Are Thankful!

Over the upcoming holiday, many Americans will travel, cook, watch football, enjoy time with family and of course share their gratitude. At Nichols we are thankful for our customers, vendors, partners and associates all year long and we want to show extra appreciation this time of year. So THANK YOU! Without all of you, we [Read More…]

Packaging Adhesives are the Nichols Solution that Sticks with our Customers!

  As a true solutions provider, Nichols is constantly increasing our breadth of options for our customers.  In 2019 we have grown our partnerships with global industry leaders to source and sell packaging adhesives including labeling and case and carton sealing products.  The opportunity to sell into high speed manufacturers using automated applications allows our [Read More…]

Let’s Celebrate America Recycles Day!

Nichols has been recycling several commodities for more than 15 years – and then all of a sudden… things came to a halt more than a year ago.  When this happened we could no longer send the same size bales of film that we had been sending to our recycler, prices dropped dramatically for corrugate [Read More…]

Put a Stop on the Spread of Norovirus

Norovirus is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea and it spreads fast and easy. According to the CDC, you can get norovirus from: having direct contact with an infected person, consuming contaminated food or water, or touching contaminated surfaces and transferring into your mouth. It is important to know how you can [Read More…]

Seven Tips to Prepare Your Facility for Winter

Winter is coming… Winter is coming… Winter is coming… If you are like me, you dread the winter season. Since we live in the Great Lakes Region, the cold and the snow are unavoidable. I want to share seven tips for you to tackle at your company before winter arrives. You better get started quickly [Read More…]

Keep Your Office Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

The change in seasons and cold weather approaching means it’s cold and flu season. Talk about a bummer! Whether it’s a cold, the stomach flu, or Influenza A, we all know it’s going to go around the office at some point this season. What can you do to help your employees stay healthy and prevent [Read More…]

Global Handwashing Day

  Who has been fortunate enough to escape the Cold & Flu Season? Not everyone can say that they have. With being back to school and visiting crowded places, it is hard to stay away from getting sick. We all have different methods to try and stay healthy: sanitizing hands, sanitizing your work space, drinking [Read More…]

Nichols Receives Network Services Company Annual Award

Nichols recently honored with two prestigious awards at the Network Services Company (NETWORK®) annual Stockholder/Membership meeting: Member of the Year and Sales Member of the Year. Member of the Year: NETWORK’s highest honor. This award acknowledges a distributor’s outstanding performance and support of all NETWORK programs and initiatives which contributes to NETWORK’s formidable strength in [Read More…]

How Does Your Team Handle Requests or Complaints?

Picture yourself walking into your favorite grocery store and seeing the usual smiling face greeting you a friendly hello. As you stroll through the maze of produce aisles, frustration builds because you can’t seem to find the last special ingredient your family recipe calls for. Thankfully there is a store associate nearby and you ask [Read More…]

You First at the Nichols Expo

  We are so excited to be hosting the first ever Nichols Expo on October 17, 2019! You might be wondering what this “Nichols Expo” entails. Well, in continuing our promise to provide solutions for clean and healthy facilities & safe shipment of products through IKE (innovation, knowledge, and excellence), we are putting together a [Read More…]