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Ready to Roll, Nichols New Product Vlog

Click HERE to purchase the newest products from Spartan Chemical: Xcelente Odor Eliminator – SNC6019-12 Xcelente Multi Purpose and Glass Cleaner – SNC6031-12 X-Effect “Xcelente Disinfectant” – SNC1019-1 Profect Healthcare Disinfecting Wipes – SNC1091-12

Join Us On The Energy Efficiency Journey

No matter where you are at in your organization’s sustainability efforts, it is a journey and there is always an opportunity for continuous improvement. Nichols started our energy efficiency and LEED journey in 2007 at our Norton Shores headquarters and main distribution center. We began with a lighting upgrade from metal halide to 6-lamp florescent [Read More…]

Are your Waste Diversion Efforts “Circular”?

Zero waste goals are becoming more important across the country to effectively eradicate or repurpose waste from going to landfill, reduce negative environmental impact and allow companies, city and state governments to realize economic and financial benefits. Zero doesn’t necessarily mean zero though. Many of the cities that have set a zero waste goal have [Read More…]

Nichols Hosted Annual Supplier Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Nichols Paper and Supply hosted their annual Supplier Dinner on Monday, March 4, 2019 at the Amway Grand Hotel. The annual event celebrates their strategic suppliers and supplier representatives from the prior year. On a yearly basis, Nichols sales representatives and management team are surveyed about their suppliers and supplier representatives. There were six prestigious [Read More…]

Inspect What You Expect with aPRO360

  The Nichols team is passionate about being creative problem solvers for our customers. We are here to help with solutions for Clean and Healthy Facilities and the Safe Shipment of Products. Our approach utilizes the promise of I.K.E. Innovation, Knowledge and Excellence. One of the unique ways we help our customers to identify and [Read More…]

Your Floor Scrubber Battery Problems Are Over!

Your battery problems are over! Intelligent Cleaning Equipment (I.C.E.) has introduced a revolutionary new technology called i-Synergy. This new technology combines the use of a new lithium ion battery and remote asset management technology for automatic floor scrubbers! The i-Synergy battery is trouble free with virtually no maintenance required. It outlasts traditional wet cell or [Read More…]

Teaching Proper Hand Hygiene to Kids in K-12 Classrooms

By Amanda Kaye, Purell Market Development Director Between all the math, science, social studies and language arts, it can be hard to find time to teach kids one of life’s most important lessons for staying healthy throughout the school year: hand hygiene. In a study that followed 120 middle and high school students, 58% of [Read More…]

NicNews Podcast – Food Sanitation with Tom Parris, Spartan Chemical Company

Learn more about Food Sanitation options from Renae and Tom by listening to our latest NicNews Podcast. Host: Renae Hesselink, Nichols Vice President of Sustainability Guest: Tom Parris, Spartan Chemical Learn how Spartan Chemical can help you improve your Food Sanitation Programs through plant tours, plant surveys, chemical inventories and standard operating procedures (SOPs). More [Read More…]

Waste Sorting: Compost, Recycle or Landfill

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) strives to be a sustainable college by utilizing waste sorting stations throughout their campuses. The average human being produces about 4.4 pounds of garbage per day – GVSU would like their students, facility and YOU to all work together to ensure that most of our waste doesn’t end up in [Read More…]

Best Practices for Cold and Flu Season by Diversey

The holiday season may be over, but the cold and flu season is still in full swing. Read how you can keep yourself and those around you healthy the blog below by Deniz Alpaslan from Diversey. You’ll often find that coughing and sneezing are on the rise around this time of year. Each year, the [Read More…]