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Bring it on with Essity’s Tork PeakServe®

Different industries yield different challenges. For manufacturing and industrial facilities, a second is always a second, no matter where it comes from. And that’s especially true at critical moments such as shift changes. Bottlenecks can occur as staff move through locker rooms and washrooms during breaks and shift changes. In addition, lack of hand towels during [Read More…]

Big Brands for a CLEAN Back-To-School Season

Back to School is tough for everyone, but few things can create a more welcoming environment than a fresh, clean and healthy facility! Your Nichols Team is #H2H (Here to Help!).  We have the national brands you trust, like Rubbermaid facility tools and supplies and Tork paper products.  The cleaning experts at Nichols help you [Read More…]

Special thank you to our customers!

Here at Nichols we believe “You First” and we value the relationship that has been built between our customer, vendors and associates. Our Day on Decks are the perfect opportunity for us to show you our appreciation. Day on Deck season is the best time of the year for Nichols because we get to take [Read More…]

What’s Your Facilities Value of Clean?

The budget is tight, you don’t have any more mop heads, but you know you need to clean your floors … so what do you do? Using an old sweatshirt or t-shirt is not the answer. While innovative, it’s not the proper solution. At Nichols we know that too often the value of clean in [Read More…]

Hand Wrap vs. Machine Wrap

Stretch film is also known as stretch wrap, which is typically used to contain items for shipment. There are two different ways for stretch film to be applied: by machine or by hand. In order to choose which option works better for you, different variables will need to be taken into account. Many people will [Read More…]

Back to School or Back To Germs?

It’s that time of year for back to school and back to germs. Were you aware that over 80% of all illnesses are transmitted through the hands? This number of illnesses spread can be greatly reduced this year with the proper education of handwashing and its importance. Learning the significance of handwashing early on helps [Read More…]

A Simpler Way to Stay Healthy – Hand Washing

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Happy Birthday. Mary Had a Little Lamb. Which tune do you hum when you wash your hands? No matter your trick, I’m sure you know the importance of Hand Hygiene. The big question is: are you properly washing your hands? Or are you part of the 29% of Americans who do [Read More…]

Catch Rays, Not Colds

Traveling can take a toll on your body, and if you’re traveling for vacation, getting sick may ruin your whole trip. We’ve covered the germiest spots in airports and on airplanes but today we are going to cover other ways to stay healthy while traveling. Get some sleep. People assume that because they’re sitting on [Read More…]

The Power of Strapping

Have you ever had products shifting around while in transit? Or stacks of merchandise not staying in place in the warehouse? In addition to the frustration of having to deal with the mess, you also risk damaging your items. It’s time for you to learn about the power of strapping. Perhaps you already do strapping, [Read More…]

Carpet Cleaning in the Summer

We love summer. The energy and warmth of sunshine, the pleasure of a gentle breeze, the lake or pool, BBQ with friends and family… We love summer! We love summer… except when having to clean carpet. Frugal school districts attempting to conserve energy costs by turning off HVAC systems, which robs us of air movement [Read More…]