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We Are Thankful!

Over the upcoming holiday, many Americans will travel, cook, watch football, enjoy time with family and of course share their gratitude. At Nichols we are thankful for our customers, vendors, partners and associates all year long and we want to show extra appreciation this time of year. So THANK YOU! Without all of you, we [Read More…]

Seven Tips to Prepare Your Facility for Winter

Winter is coming… Winter is coming… Winter is coming… If you are like me, you dread the winter season. Since we live in the Great Lakes Region, the cold and the snow are unavoidable. I want to share seven tips for you to tackle at your company before winter arrives. You better get started quickly [Read More…]

Keep Your Office Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

The change in seasons and cold weather approaching means it’s cold and flu season. Talk about a bummer! Whether it’s a cold, the stomach flu, or Influenza A, we all know it’s going to go around the office at some point this season. What can you do to help your employees stay healthy and prevent [Read More…]

Don’t get caught with a recall…

We’ve all seen it…the dreaded recall! No matter the industry, no one wants to hear those words, but especially not when it comes to our food. I’m sure you can think back to a time you just bought your groceries, only to find out something has been recalled. That is why food safety is important, [Read More…]

What’s Your Facilities Value of Clean?

The budget is tight, you don’t have any more mop heads, but you know you need to clean your floors … so what do you do? Using an old sweatshirt or t-shirt is not the answer. While innovative, it’s not the proper solution. At Nichols we know that too often the value of clean in [Read More…]

A Simpler Way to Stay Healthy – Hand Washing

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Happy Birthday. Mary Had a Little Lamb. Which tune do you hum when you wash your hands? No matter your trick, I’m sure you know the importance of Hand Hygiene. The big question is: are you properly washing your hands? Or are you part of the 29% of Americans who do [Read More…]

Catch Rays, Not Colds

Traveling can take a toll on your body, and if you’re traveling for vacation, getting sick may ruin your whole trip. We’ve covered the germiest spots in airports and on airplanes but today we are going to cover other ways to stay healthy while traveling. Get some sleep. People assume that because they’re sitting on [Read More…]

Ready to Roll, Nichols New Product Vlog

With Nichols “Ready To Roll”, you will be the first to know about new products in the marketplace. The quarter’s episode is with Bill Legate, Nichols Gojo Specialist and Heather Smith, Nichols Marketing Coordinator discussing the PURELL CXR REDIFOAM™ System. It is ideal for high traffic facilities. The high performance top-fill fixture eliminates the hassle [Read More…]

Happy Memorial Day from Nichols!

Over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, many Americans will camp, boat, fish, hike, and grill with family and friends. Although it may seem like Memorial Day is the “kick-off” to summer with a three-day weekend, we need to remember the true meaning of the day. It is a day to remember the men and women [Read More…]

Winterize Your Entry Way

El Nino? Or La Nina? What kind of winter will we have this year? No matter what, we know winter is here to stay for at least a few months. We know watching slip and fall videos over and over again may be funny, but to those falling, it’s no laughing matter. The Nichols team [Read More…]