Semi-Automatic Stretch Machine Trial Offer!

Is Your Stretch Process as Efficient as Possible??? Do you ever ask yourself, “How is my equipment performing? Is my system efficient? How much am I spending per load, per month, per year?”


Let us help you find out…


At Nichols we are always looking at process improvement, and we know you do too! Our Packaging Engineers are here to help. Fill out the form below for a FREE Shipping Process Efficiency Audit.  If relevant, we will then provide you with a FREE on-site trial of the latest and greatest semi-automatic stretch wrapping system… complete with The HiLIFE cloud based monitoring system~ ultimate control over your stretch.


The Predator® XS is designed with extra features that surpass all preconceived notions of performance and value in semi-automatic systems.

The Predator® XS provides greater film savings as well as improved performance with Select-Stretch™. Allen-Bradley PLC, automatic film cut, AC drives, and Fast Film Feed make the Predator® XS the most advanced and reliable system available.

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